After many days or weeks doing 100% home life, it is very likely that we could lose track of time and of the day we live. But remember: Today starts the weekend and it is highly recommended that we change our routine. So, let’s organize some activities in family for these days off: it’s highly good for mental health and to disconnect from everyday life. Do you want some ideas?

It’s Cinema Friday!

Don’t miss out on Poppin’ Corn by Magic Kidchen! They are prepared in the microwave in a healthy way. Get comfortable and popcorn ready in 90 seconds! An idea! If you are a very sweet family, you can add chocolate, honey or sugar to your popcorn. Sofa, movie and action! See more:

botón de play - Iconos gratis de flechas

An special Egg Hunt!

Easter is here and a very fun game is the Easter Eggs Hunt. What if we make it a little more special this year? Include among the eggs a Baby Gemmy Dragons or Unicorns A very lucky hunt!

Let’s color!

Let creativity fly by downloading Baby Buppies prints, click here Do you know them? See more:

Botón de play | Icono Gratis

Time for sport!

It is important that children and adults spend some time exercising. Find a place at home where you can do it and practice with Messi Training System products for example: a fun time with your family and a good excuse to move your body and clear your mind.

Reading, dancing, playing an instrument, writing … surely you can think of a lot of ideas among all. In conclusion the important thing is to have a busy mind, entertain yourself and have fun. Let’s have the best time these days! t

Let’s Play! #Stayathome

Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash