Super Cute Little Babies arrive at El Reino Infantil

Super Cute Little Babies arrive at El Reino Infantil

We are pleased to announce the strategic alliance between Leader Entertainment and TigerHead Toys Ltd, to boost the Super Cute brand through the creation and development of new content for the series. This next release will be broadcast on El Reino Infantil the YouTube channel ranked as the number 1 for children’s in Spanish, with a reach of more than 138 million subscribers and 100 million daily views.

The motto of both companies is “shared knowledge”: we want to add the experience and intelligence of each one. Our goal is that Super Cute grow into a global project offering the 360 ​​° experience that children expect from a leading brand with global reach.

Adding the knowledge and experience of both companies, we expect to achieve great results in the strategic area of ​​Toys and we are ready to work in new merchandising, digital distribution, apps, video games and live shows.

The time of individualities and keep secrets is over. We know that we are going to achieve it, and we invite you to be part of this success.